I have been living in Gothenburg the major part of my childhood. After finishing high school, I moved to the French alps and snowboarded for the next three years with natural breaks because of the season. Back in Sweden, during summertime, I worked in restaurants which later lead to a chef’s diploma and that diploma lead me to Norway, working as a chef. This was in 1997.

My work at Overlanding.nu is a constant hunt for new tracks, awesome camp sites and new supertasy dishes to cook and serve out in the wild. Between the hunt for new tracks and new dishes, I try them on my mates and after that, guide and serve our guests on our guided tours.

I guess I started my Overlanding era way back in the 80s with the whole family of 6(!) travelling to the south of Spain in our old but trusty Volvo 245. Yep, travelling with small children in the luggage compartment was quite normal at that time – people actually smoked and rode bicycles without helmets too – crazy times 😉. There is no better way to travel than by car in my opinion. The things you see on your way, the fact that you are in charge of the tempo and that fact that the journey is a big part of the trip, not just to get from A to B.

Since I was a little boy I have been out in the woods, playing with knives and matches, building huts and fishing. It was just after buying my Land Cruiser back in 2011 that I found out that the playing-in-the-wood thing is well compatible with a vehicle, a roof top tent and some other bits and pieces.

Since I discovered this, I have been to almost every country in western Europe with my Land Cruiser and even a small trip to Russia – the Kola Peninsula. I do enjoy every aspect of any trip – the complexity with longer trips abroad and the super easy trips to our local hotspots.