Den sista tiden poppar det upp med festivaler och expo´r med Overlanding som tema, riktigt roligt för oss som älskar det här livet. Först ut som vi skall promotera är “Danish Overlander Meet 2021”.

Vi i Overlanding.nu hoppas på öppnad gränser mellan dom nordiska länderna så att vi kan delta!

After a somewhat amputated start with an event right in the middle of Corona restrictions, Danish Overlander Meet is back in 2021.

The event takes place the last weekend in August from Thursday the 26th to Sunday the 29th.

There is not much new about meeting other people, but getting together from across different travel segments and car brands is new in Denmark.

The background for the event is simply that there is no such thing in Denmark and the Nordic countries at all.

It started as a post on Facebook, where it was suggested if one should not find a place “to do some tire kicking” and have a look at what projects and ideas we all were working on. One led to the other and all of a sudden Danish Overlander Meet 2020 was established.

This year, the Danish Overlander Meet takes place in scenic surroundings in a de-commissioned gravel pit of ca. 12 ha , which was left to nature in the 80s.

The location is very close to Brædstrup in Jutland.

Läs mer här: https://www.danishoverlandermeet.dk/?lang=en

Andreas Eriksson

Administrator och en av ägarna till Overlanding.nu. Jag äger en Jeep Wrangler JK som jag använder till resor långt som kort.

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