Om oss is an unpolitical organization with the goal of bringing together all Scandinavians who have a desire for long and short journeys within Scandinavia, or abroad. We will share knowledge, stimulate and build competence among our members. We have no requirement or focus on what brand of vehicle you own and use for your travels, everyone is welcome. On trips arranged by, 4 × 4 doc is a minimum requirement. has its physical base in Norway and is 50% owned by Andreas Eriksson and 50% by Jon Wiberg.
With the help of today’s technology, the distances to our members are made short and efficient. We write in our respective mother tongue.

History in months and years

2015 September
The first version of (1.0) is posted on the internet. From the very beginning it is only intended as a place where Andreas Eriksson can write about his travels.

2015 October
A first version of the forum will be in place, and a number of lost souls will register.

2015 November
A new forum is being tried without much success. New design on the website came into place. There is a lot of back and forth with what should be.

2015 December
Not much is happening at Andreas Eriksson is wondering if there is a basis for a site like this.

2016 January
New year with no major activity this month.

2016 February
Andreas Eriksson travels and visits Rally Sweden with one of our earliest members. Shortly thereafter, contact with Jon Wiberg is made through mutual acquaintance in the form of Carl Ternsell.

2016 April
Version 2.0 of is launched. This time with the forum that you see and read today. One of the most powerful programs on the market. Overlanding is split into two in the same tube. Some that are out as a pure publishing page, and some that include the forum.

2016 May has its first organized meeting in Värmland. Seven cars joined in three days of experiences.

2016 June has its first organized meeting abroad. True, no longer than Denmark. 3.0 will be launched at the end of June. This version contains minor changes in design, but the great thing is that everything is linked together. The entire site is controlled by the same software as the forum.

2016 August
After a less successful period of running the entire website through a program, we returned to today’s solution. Forums and webpages are now two separate sections.

2016 December arranges its first Christmas table. The Christmas table is now an annual event.

2017 June
Overlanding organized its second spring meeting for our members. This is now a fixed arrangement that runs every Pentecost / Pentecost.

2018 August rounds out 400 members on our forum. 1000 followers on Instagram and Facebook.

Andreas Eriksson & Jon Wiberg

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